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Welcome to your online resource for all thing’s fitness and nutrition! Join me in finding the balance of health and wellness in your everyday life and at times that work for you. Whether you need to work on your flexibility and mobility, or nutrition I have you covered!

Flexibility and Mobility-The Techniques and Mindfulness

We spend so much time sitting--at our desks, in the car, on the sofa. This program is designed to get you up and get you moving! In order to preform our best, we need to ensure the health of our spinal flexion, rotation, and extension. This program is designed to progress you over the course of 3 weeks to having better spinal mobility and flexibility, glute and hamstring mobility and flexibility, as well as rotator cuff mobility. I guide you through the program with videos and accompanying text so you can effectively achieve greater flexibility and mobility with proven techniques and the mindfulness to manage your body’s movements.

Train Of Thought Fitness
Train Of Thought Fitness

3 Week Meal Prep Bootcamp

Do you feel like you are always in the kitchen cooking multiple meals all the time?! There is a better way. Proper meal prep techniques will not only make you more efficient in the kitchen but will also help you reach your health and wellness goals.

This program will teach you not only how-to meal prep, but also gives you guided tutorials, recipes, and templates for planning your week!


- Adrienne A, March 2021

I can’t say enough about Andi’s mobility course. As someone with chronically hunched shoulders, it’s important for me to stretch with consistency to improve my posture. Andi’s course is easy to follow and I like how she breaks up the work into short sessions so they aren’t overwhelming. It’s still a challenge- but that’s the point!

- Molly Semenik, March 2021

Just after taking Andi’s Flexibility and Mobility course, I played a round of golf. I was astonished at my improved range of motion and increased club head speed! It was so fun to feel this added range of motion and to see my ball go farther. I finished the full 3 weeks of the course, and am so pleased with the immediate results that I will most definitely continue on with it.

- Mari Moore, March 2021

After finding Andi through her social media accounts, I took her course she offered on flexibility and mobility. I was nervous to get started as I am recovering from a fairly serious hip injury, but I knew having a guide would be beneficial in my recovery process. Her course is extremely user friendly and well thought out. Inclusive of videos and voiceovers with detailed tutorials on how to do each stretch, and how often to do them to see progress. She even offered a modification for me as sometimes I need adjustments due to my injury. I am in week three of the program and am already seeing immense changes in how my body is feeling each day, and I feel stronger and more flexible in my daily workouts. She was the best thing for me, and I can tell she wants her clients to feel their best each day! The course was worth every penny, and I can't wait for her to release more!