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Client Testimonials


Mavreen D.

One-on-One Client

I have been training with Andrea for a little over three years now. From post baby recovery, to injury rehab, to successful weight-loss programming. Not only has she made training fun, but her programming has been effective, and I am seeing tangible results. The support Andrea provides extends outside of the gym, with emotional support and amazing encouragement. What sets her apart is her level of care and engagement. She knows what I need, and has found a way to get me excited about training again… and that is a miracle


Rachel G.

Partner Training Client

I have had the pleasure of training with Andi for almost three years. During that time, I was pregnant; post partum, training both individually and with a partner and every step of the way Andi customizes your fitness plan to suite your needs perfectly. She sets the bar high and has allowed me to exceed my fitness goals. I have loved partner training. It has been incredibly challenging, fun and also extremely rewarding. Andi constantly changes things up and continuously incorporates cardio, strength training, boxing and core to make sure you get a full body workout during every session. I would highly recommend Andi as a personal trainer to anyone. She will keep you motivated even on the most difficult day and you will leave feeling a million times better than when you arrived.